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Cristina Calvo




Meet Cristina Calvo

Cristina Calvo is the Chief Marketing Officer for Asuaire, a premier travel agency located in Costa Rica, and a rising voice in topics pertaining to sustainability and women’s empowerment. She holds an MBA, as well as degrees in International Business and International Commerce. She is also a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Executive Education where she obtained a degree in Digital Marketing. Cristina is fluent in Spanish, English, and French and is currently learning German. In the future, she hopes to also become fluent in Mandarin. 

In 1998, Cristina and her mother started Asuaire and, a few years later, her father joined, as well. Over the last two decades, the family has grown the company into a thriving business, with connections to other travel agencies all over the world. As the company grew, Cristina realized they were in a unique position to provide more than a great vacation—they could become part of a larger dialogue in sustainability. 

To Cristina Calvo, companies have an obligation to better the lives of their community. The obvious choice to improve their community and the lives of those who live there was to implement sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. Now, the company is one of the few Carbon Neutral businesses within Costa Rica. 

With that said, Cristina feels as if there is still more she can do. As a woman in the business space, she began to notice the nuances of gender inequality. An only child, she admits that she grew up with the privilege of not being forced into a typical gender role—she was sporty and ambitious, and her role within her family’s business only reinforced that privilege. 

She never noticed or considered her gender to be all that important. However, as Asuaire grew and Cristina Calvo was exposed to more of the business industry, she began to see just how privileged she was. Now, she’s built another company to create programs that teach women in low-income neighborhoods valuable skills, as well as creating seminars that would result in employment. 

Previously, the women in these neighborhoods were making approximately $400 per week—a meager sum when feeding multiple young children. The opportunities created by Cristina and Asuaire have increased that sum by giving the women the chance to make $80 to $120 per day.

Cristina Calvo, more than anything else, yearns to keep learning. Adopting a “yes” mindset, she has become involved with numerous businesses and charitable ventures, and has even begun speaking about her work over the past decade at industry conferences all over the world. In January of 2019, Cristina was invited to speak about her career in Israel. Most recently, she participated as a featured speaker at the UN Climate Change Conference.